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Not Ready To Sell Yet? You Should Still Be In Preparation Mode

It seems every week we talk to a Northern Virginia homeowner who is “not quite ready” to sell.  You may still be thinking about waiting until later this spring, waiting for the last child to graduate or you might just be overwhelmed by even starting the process.  Prepare Now, Feel Less Stressed Later You are in […]

The Amazing Home Sales Race-NoVA Edition

In the spring the amazing Northern Virginia home buyer’s race began with a sprint.  Buyer’s couldn’t get in the doors fast enough when a new listing came on the market.  Vying for first place in the bidding war, buyers went back to waiving home inspections and appraisal contingencies to be the first on the mat […]

It Looks Great But Does It Help Your Resale Value?

At least once a week when we are touring  Northern Virginia properties with prospective buyers we see something that leads to an interesting conversation. In this case it was the replacement of the tub and shower in the main level hall bathroom with a fancy claw foot tub.  The tub looked great but it certainly […]

Have You Checked Your Mortgage Approval Letter Recently?

Mortgage interest rates have begun to tick up.   Northern Virginia buyers who were right on the edge of qualifying at a lower rate may now find they need to re-evaluate their approval letter.  Though mortgage interest rates are still far below what they have been in the past it doesn’t seem to take much […]

Leave The Spin To The Politicians

With the election rhetoric in full swing it is getting harder and harder to know which “spin” to believe.  However when it comes to Northern Virginia real estate an agent doesn’t need to create any spin.  They can provide you with loads of data to back up their claims…or can they? This week a market […]

Prince William County Foreclosures

Before you consider a foreclosure remember that not all foreclosures may be eligible for FHA or VA financing. If you are not represented by a Realtor® and are interested in scheduling an appointment to see any of these properties contact Cindy Jones/Broker/CJ Realty Group to learn more.

Are Realtors® “Prodding” NoVa Buyers to Make Offers?

Yesterday on my blog in the Washington Post- “Should you make that low ball offer?  a commenter suggested “many agents will try to prod you into offering more than necessary in the hopes that the seller accepts and the agent can collect his/her commission that much sooner.” The comment made me think about how consumers […]

What’s Ahead in NoVa Real Estate in 2012

If I said I have no idea, would you hold it against me? There are a few things that are obvious on January 1, 2012 House prices are lower now than they were on January 1, 2002. Interest rates are lower than they were on January 1, 2002. And we are all 10 years older […]

Interesting in Buying A Piece of NOVA History?

  No this isn’t the piece of history you can buy.  This happens to be Gunston Hall the home of George Mason. Most of us know about George Mason from his famous words;  “That all men are born equally free and independent, and have certain inherent natural Rights… among which are the Enjoyment of Life […]

Beware of Falling Interest Rates-kmart Blue Light Special

First a disclaimer.  Mortgage rates vary by the type of loan you get, your credit, your down-payment amount and much more.  This is just a post to open your eyes a bit to what to ask your Northern Virginia mortgage professional when you look at interest rates. Somehow when the headlines announce new falling interest […]