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Don’t Forget You Earned Your VA Home Loan Benefits

If it hadn’t been for the VA Home Loan program I never would have been able to buy my first home.  As a young military widow with two children finding 20% down for a down payment was out of the realm of reality. Fast forward and years later as a Military Relocation Professional/REALTOR® with Integrity […]

Always Check The Source Of The Information You Read

One thing about social media is when inaccurate information surfaces it gets spread at lightening speed.  As a Realtor® when I see information that is wrong my hot button gets pushed big time. The biggie I ran across this week was a blog post stating a military service member who completed VA Compromise sale would […]

VA Compromise Sale An Option For Military Families

First a deployment and then PCS orders meant my sellers needed to make a move.  Unfortunately they had missed the deadline to qualify for the Department of Defense Homeowners Assistance Program (HAP) so it looked as if a short sale was in their future.  As we started talking about the process I learned they had […]

Military Relocation-Options When You are Upside Down on Your VA Loan

Currently I’m working with a number of families in Northern Virginia who are qualified for the Department of Defense Homeowners Assistance Program (HAP) but there is another option for military families who have received orders and are upside down on their home value. If you have a VA Loan you may be eligible for a […]

Using Your VA Loan? Patience is the Key

With three properties set to close using VA loans in the next 10 days an oddly familiar tale is being heard from the lenders. VA appraisers are backed up two to three weeks in getting reports done! With new appraisal rules in place and the popularity of VA loans soaring in Northern Virginia delays have […]