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The Amazing Home Sales Race-NoVA Edition

In the spring the amazing Northern Virginia home buyer’s race began with a sprint.  Buyer’s couldn’t get in the doors fast enough when a new listing came on the market.  Vying for first place in the bidding war, buyers went back to waiving home inspections and appraisal contingencies to be the first on the mat […]

Lies, Damn Lies and Stastics In NOVA Real Estate

Mark Twain’s quote on the misuse of statistics always pops in my head when I look at the Northern Virginia MRIS data. The problem with the data is the Realtors® who enter it and how easily it can be manipulated to tell a different story. Let’s face it, chances are you have driven through a […]

The Lure Of Buying A NoVA Foreclosure

Are you looking for a great deal on a home in Northern Virginia?  Of course you are, who wouldn’t be? The foreclosure and short sale market has died down over the last few years as the Northern Virginia real estate market started recovering. The number of “deals” to be found is shrinking. One of the […]

The Cost of Waiting To Buy Your New NoVA Home

Are you still sitting on the fence about buying a new home?  Buying a home isn’t a decision to be made lightly.  To many buyers in Northern Virginia did that in 2003-2006 and the local real estate market paid the price. However with prices on the rise again and interest rates starting to rise if […]

Automated Valuation or NOVA Realtor® To Price Your Home?

Let’s face it we love to peek at websites that provide us with nice pictures of homes and some of those sites provide home owners with an “automated” property value. I don’t have to name the big one you know who it is. However those systems have never set foot inside a home.  They don’t […]

Have You Checked Your Mortgage Approval Letter Recently?

Mortgage interest rates have begun to tick up.   Northern Virginia buyers who were right on the edge of qualifying at a lower rate may now find they need to re-evaluate their approval letter.  Though mortgage interest rates are still far below what they have been in the past it doesn’t seem to take much […]

Forget About Square Feet Think Room Sizes

At least a couple of times a week someone asks why does Zillow or Trulia shows their Northern Virginia home as only 1500 square feet (SF) when it’s really 2500 SF. The answer is fairly straightforward.  These sites ( and many others) pull information for the county tax records.  In most cases our tax records […]

What’s Missing From This NoVA Floor Plan?

It may be hard to tell but it appears the term “master bedroom” is now being replaced with the term “owners suite”  by local builders.  Since we sell a good deal of new construction around Northern Virginia I went back through our archives of floor plans.  It appears the change started about 2 years ago  […]

A DIfferent Investment Opportunity-Builder’s Model

Are you thinking about a move but not quite ready? Love the model home at one of the major builders in Northern Virginia? What many buyers don’t know is builder’s often sell their model homes prior to the neighborhood being finished and lease them back at competitive market rates until they are ready to close […]

Punxsutawney Phil Can’t Predict The Weather

And I can’t predict the future of the Northern Virginia Real Estate Market.   However I can say the current market seems to be defying the cold weather and heating up old emotions for buyers. Though not all buyer’s today were even considering a new home in 2003 and 2004 they have certainly read what happened.  […]