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Can You Send Me A List Of DoD HAP Homes For Sale?

Over the last  few days I’ve received phone calls from buyers interested in finding a list of DoD HAP homes for sale in the Northern Virginia area.   Curious I asked why specifically are you looking for DoD HAP homes? As it turns out “a friend” got a great deal on a home.  They paid 60% […]

The Inspector General Report On DoD HAP

As an agent who has had the privilege of successfully completing 35 Northern Virginia military  Department of Defense HAP sales, keeping up with all of the latest information is a daily challenge.  Talking with other agents across the country who also have been working with the HAP program we shared our concerns about the program […]

DoD HAP Funding-A $400 Million Shortfall

For those who read my blog you may get the sense that I’m focused exclusively on Department of Defense HAP sales. I admit over the last year I’ve been fortunate to help over 25 military families sell their homes using HAP benefits and I work hard to stay on top of changes and issues with […]

HAP Closing #24-Just As Sweet As The First One

Friday another lucky military family went to settlement using Department of Defense Homeowners Assistance Program benefits. Though by now I’m used to the routine of HAP sales and some of the bumps along the road this one falls into the WOW category. Not because of any issues but because from the day of contract ratification […]

Another Military Family Hits The Road

Last week another Northern Virginia military family headed to closing on their Falls Church Virginia home thanks to the Department of Defense Homeowners Assistance Program (HAP).  In this case the owners had been gone for awhile and the home was rented.  Closing coincided with the end of the tenants lease.  The buyers had been renters […]

H.R.237-Bill To Amend the DoD HAP Timeline

As must of you know who read my posts I’ve had the good fortune to work with a number of military families in the Northern Virginia area who are eligible for the Department of Defense Homeowners Assistance Program (HAP). The HAP program helps military families who are upside down on their mortgage get relief by […]

DoD HAP Dealing With Loans Over $729,750

The Department of Defense Homeowners Assistance Program (HAP) is a wonderful program for military families dealing with selling their homes in a declining Northern Virginia market.  Though the deadline for PCS orders was September 30, 2010 there are still a number of families who are eligible for the program, especially those who rented their homes […]