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The Lure Of Buying A NoVA Foreclosure

Are you looking for a great deal on a home in Northern Virginia?  Of course you are, who wouldn’t be? The foreclosure and short sale market has died down over the last few years as the Northern Virginia real estate market started recovering. The number of “deals” to be found is shrinking. One of the […]

REO or Resale In Lake Ridge Which Is The Better Buy?

Many buyers think if they grab an REO they are getting the best deal in the Lake Ridge neighborhood.  Today let’s look at two similar contemporary style homes for sale in Lake Ridge to see which might be the better deal. The first property is a Lake Ridge REO listed for $269,900.  The second home […]

Foreclosure Update for Prince William County VA

It’s still a question hanging in the air.  Is there a shadow inventory of foreclosures being held by the banks?  Certainly the predictions (not mine) at the beginning of 2012 were that the market would be overwhelmed by this “shadow inventory” causing prices to fall once again in Prince William County VA. The latest statistics […]

Foreclosures Don’t Show Up On The Market Overnight

You’ve been driving around your favorite neighborhood in Springfield VA and see a piece of paper in the window that indicates the house in bank owned.   Unfortunately not every house you see with a sign in the window is available to view and in some cases it could be a long time before it is. […]

Prince William County Foreclosures

Before you consider a foreclosure remember that not all foreclosures may be eligible for FHA or VA financing. If you are not represented by a Realtor® and are interested in scheduling an appointment to see any of these properties contact Cindy Jones/Broker/CJ Realty Group to learn more.

Foreclosures? What Foreclosures?

Looking for a foreclosure in Prince William County? Where the heck are they? If you are looking for a high end detached home the answer is Western Prince William County. Haymarket and Nokesville to be specific. If you are thinking of a smaller condo or townhouse then head to Eastern Prince William County in Woodbridge […]

NOVA Investors-HUD Launches New Website

If you have searched for HUD owned foreclosures in the past it’s time to take another look.  HUD has launched a new site HUD Homestore.  If you have been searching for or have bid on homes in the past through the BidSelect process you will need to register on the new site. HUD is following […]

Hot Topic-Strategic Default Should You Walk Away?

This past Sunday CBS 60 Minutes aired a segment (see below for clip) on the growing issues of “strategic defaults”; homeowners who choosing to walk-away even if they could continue to pay their mortgage.   It has raised the debate again about whether a homeowner has a “moral” obligation to continue to pay their mortgage even […]

Dear Mr Lender-I would have shown your listing Today

However when my buyers and I arrived we couldn’t get to the front door. I know it we have had an unusual amount of snow this year in Northern Virginia but buyers are still out looking for homes. In fact they are out in droves trying to find homes to put under contract before the […]

Looking for Foreclosures in NOVA?

At least three or four times a week I get a question about a “foreclosure” listing a buyer saw on RealtyTrak. They see an incredible price…that translates as LOW…and want to see the house right away. Unfortunately the answer is chances are what you are seeing is not a listing at all but a notice […]