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What You Get For Your Money In Northern Virginia

There are plenty of HGTV, BRAVO and A&E network TV shows that talk about “what you get for the money” in certain areas of the country. If you are a prospective buyer relocating to Northern Virginia or already living here and considering a home purchase the same question applies only on a much more micro […]

The NoVa Market Is A Roller Coaster Ride-Hold On

Recently an article on entitled Riding the Trillion-Dollar Real Estate Recovery Roller Coaster stated nationwide the housing crash had cost homeowners a combined total of over 9 Trillion Dollars in home value.  It’s a number that’s hard to wrap your head around. However it easy easier to take a look at the local market […]

Lenders Say They Are Ready To Help Military Families With Short Sales

In March 2012 the White House and major lenders reached an agreement on providing additional relief to active duty military who are upside down on their mortgage.  The only problem was the lenders weren’t ready to act on the announcement causing even more frustration for anyone in the Northern Virginia area with orders in hand.  […]

Looking for Foreclosures in NOVA?

At least three or four times a week I get a question about a “foreclosure” listing a buyer saw on RealtyTrak. They see an incredible price…that translates as LOW…and want to see the house right away. Unfortunately the answer is chances are what you are seeing is not a listing at all but a notice […]

Slight of Hand-How long has that home been on the market?

How long has that Northern Virginia house really been on the market?  That is a question every buyer should be asking before they formulate an offer on a property.  In Minnesota one agent has gone on national TV to clearly state that he is manipulating the data in the local MLS to make a home […]

There Is No Home Buyer Lemon Law in Northern Virginia

In Virginia there is a Lemon Law on the books to protect consumers who purchase a car which is later found to have serious defects. However, there is no such law when it comes to protecting buyers when they are purchasing a home. When the market was hot in Northern Virginia many buyers had to […]

Two Insurance Policies-Two Different Reasons

While working with some first time home buyers this week they asked if a title insurance policy was different than the home owners insurance policy their loan officer had told them they would need to get before they went to closing. It was easy to understand their confusion as the terms do sound very familiar. […]

Virginia Foreclosure Process

After writing Foreclosures are an Elusive Prey last month I had a call from a prospective investor who wanted to learn more about the foreclosure process. Each state has different rules for the process and in talking to three different lenders it was obvious that their processes for getting homes to the courthouse steps are […]

Confused by Real Estate Lingo?

I had a question recently from new buyers who were asking about the difference between two terms they had seen in the MLS which had them a bit puzzled and it seemed like a good time to post a short explanation for everyone. These terms are found in the MRIS for the DC metro region. […]

Why are Settlements Scheduled at the end of the Month?

It never seems to fail. The end of the month is packed with closings. The loan officers are scrambling, the settlement companies are swamped and the Realtors® are shuffling contracts to make sure everything is done. But is closing at the end of the month all that important?The answer may depend more on your cash […]