It’s the season for Humblebrag in real estate

“Humblebrag is intentionally false modesty. It is the art of saying something self-effacing with the underlying intent of being self-promoting.”

It’s the time of year when REALTORS® across the county are posting on social media about their accomplishments from last year.  You’ll see top producer, #1 listing agent, #1 selling agent, top blogger, emerald club, lifetime top producer and more.  Of course when you see 50 agents in one area all saying they are #1 it starts to get a bit confusing.

Don’t get me wrong this isn’t sour grapes.  The first few years I was in real estate the free lunches, clubs and plagues were great.  Then it dawned on me that in the end it didn’t make a difference whether there was an award on the wall or not.

What did make a difference was how to help the community where I lived and worked.  This year our group contributed almost $5000 to local charities. Giving back to the community is one of our core values.  At the end of every transaction we set aside money to help support local 501(3C) charities.

This year our contributions were shared with:

The ARC of GPW:
Boulder Crest Retreat:
Gabriel Homes, Inc.:
Links to Freedom Foundation: [email protected]
Lorton Community Action Center:, Inc.:
Mount Vernon Estate Preservation Initiative:
New Hope Housing, Inc.:
Our Heroes, Inc.:
The Caisson Platoon Equine Assisted Program:
The Koinonia Foundation, Inc.:

So that’s my humblebrag for 2015.  Hopefully this year will be even better.   Of course I’d love to help you buy or sell a house to help make 2016 even better for our local community.


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