Whatever Happened To Colorful Homes?

Washington DC Row HousesBrick, brick and more brick.  Siding in neutral colors.  It’s everywhere in Northern Virginia.  It makes me wonder why?  If we tour older neighborhoods in DC, Old Town and in other small towns we see loads of homes where you won’t get confused when you are driving home late at night.

There are a few newer communities going up, Potomac Shores in Dumfries comes to mind, where you will see a more options for color but touring new home communities in the area the choices are limited.

Have builders decided we all prefer neutral?

If given a choice would you like the exterior of your home to have a bit more pop?

2 thoughts on “Whatever Happened To Colorful Homes?

  1. Some of it comes from HOA’s that don’t want crazy stuff. Some comes from lack of taste so, the HOA keeps it in line. And maybe we HAVE become to conservative? I can say, the purple and bright yellow house in my neighborhood certainly goes beyond any “pop” for the house! I’ve been so afraid to every paint my brick!!!

  2. I think it starts with the builders who have decided we all like earth tone or neutral colors. Agree there has to be some control or you could end up living in a Crayola® box neighborhood.

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