What were homebuyers doing during the Blizzard 2016?

Professional Photos in Real EstateSerious Northern Virginia homebuyers stuck inside during the Blizzard of 2016 were looking at property on-line.  If your home is on the market what did they see?

Photos of dark blurry rooms?
Photos of messy rooms?
Photos of rooms slanting off to one side?
Photos of open toilet seats?


Did they decide after seeing your home on-line that watching reruns on Netflix was a better use of their time?  Sadly looking through the MLS we see to many photos more likely to end up on a Bad MLS Photo website instead of Houzz or Pinterest.

It’s always puzzled me as to why a seller would accept such poor marketing, of what could be their largest single financial investment, as okay.  The first impression of your home is no longer when a buyer walks in the front door but it’s when they pull up your listing on the internet.  It doesn’t matter which website is their favorite they all have the same photos.

As a seller one of the questions you need to ask the agent you are considering hiring is, how is your home going to look for the 24 x 7 buyer?  Ask to see their current or recent MLS listings on-line.  How do they look?  Do they hire a professional photographer?  Do they offer 3D virtual tours?  Do they have a stager available for consultation?

Your home deserves the best marketing possible for today’s 24 x 7 real estate consumer.  If you are looking for a team that understands the importance of good marketing give us a call at 703-249-9763 or fill out the contact form and we’ll be in touch.  We’ll make sure Northern Virginia homebuyers stay tuned to your listing from the first photo to the last.


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