Holiday Parking As A Competitive Sport

It puzzles me why parking becomes a competitive sport at this time of year.  Throughout Northern Virginia the mall parking lots are loading up with holiday shoppers looking for bargains.   There are some people who need to park close to a door due to a disability (stay out of the handicap spots if you don’t have a sticker) but for the most part whether you are 10 or 30 parking spaces from the door it shouldn’t be a big deal.  Let’s face it most of us need the exercise to walk off the holiday calories.

Yet the honking of horns, the glares and obscene gestures, none of which convey Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, are prevalent.   While you’re slowly stalking a shopper loaded with packages, I’m in the mall getting the last Ultimate Star Wars Light Saber off the shelf.

Before you head out take a deep breath.  It’s only a parking space.   And for  heavens sake don’t go Kathy Bates on us.


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