Bad MLS Photos-A Home Sellers Problem

Today I opened my mailbox and found postcard from a local Northern Virginia Realtor® printed on card stock with the office printer and dropped in the mail.  My initial reaction was WOW if they go this cheap on a postcard mailing how do they market their listings?

Guess it should come as no surprise to find that the office printed postcards weren’t the only think they did on the cheap.  It’s against the Realtor® Code of Ethics for me to include an example of their listing photos, however let’s just say you couldn’t tell what the layout of the home was or even what any room really looked like due to the dark or blurry photos.

Is this how you want your house to look on-line? (edited personal photo)

While a growing number of real estate agents understand the shift in how buyers look for homes, the fact that 90% of them start on-line underscores the need for high-quality online photos.  Bad Real Estate photos are more common that than you think. And many are just plan cringe worthy.   There are a number of websites and Facebook pages dedicated to showcasing Bad MLS photos.

Even more amazing is these photos are what feed major real estate advertising websites such as Zillow,  Trulia, and all other sites that display MLS data.

When you are interviewing Realtors® to list your home ask them one simple question.  Do you use a professional photographer for your listings?  If not why not?  If they tell you it’s to expensive say NEXT (it’s not.)  What else will they tell you is too expensive?  Remember those office printed postcards that started this post? Yea those too.

Bottom line, hire a Realtor® that takes photos seriously.  Your sale depends upon it. Buyers takes them seriously, and so should you.

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