We Aren’t Ghostbusters but Who You Gonna Call?

With the news that a new version of Ghostbusters is in the works the theme song “who you gonna call” got stuck in my head.


It also made me think about the controversy stirring among Realtors® about the major third-party portal Zillow and the accuracy of the data on their site.   It is true that the listings aren’t always accurate and the zestimates aren’t the market value of a home but the sites do provide eyeballs for listings whether we support their business practices or not.

Steve Harney a nationally recognized residential real estate and mortgage expert stated in an article  Zillow + Trulia: Why It is NOT the End for Agents

“Technology has definitely given consumers easier access to information about the housing industry.

However, we believe that buyers and sellers need more than just information. They need an analysis of how that information impacts their family. Every family should feel confident when buying or selling a home. Real estate agents must reach out to these families and simply & effectively explain a complex housing market to them.”

Realty is if you want to know the market value of your Northern Virginia home you need to call a local Realtor®.  We are in the trenches every day.  Most of us spend hours looking at data in the MLS and county tax records looking for market trends and recent sales.  We don’t use an algorithm to come up with the price of your home.  We can tell you which improvements you have made in your home will add value and which ones won’t. It’s what we do.

I’m not saying don’t look at Zillow but when you are ready to buy or sell a home in Northern Virginia then pick up the phone and call a local Realtor®. Of course I hope the Realtor® you call will be me.

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