Can You Make My NoVA MLS Listing A Little Spicy Please?

SirachiChiliSriracha chile seems to be all the rage these days.  You can put it on chicken wings, on your chili and add it to eggs at breakfast.  When it comes to the Northern Virginia Multiple Listing Service (MLS) it gets a little harder to figure out how to put a little spice on the 400 character word limit allowed in the description field.

I’ve often wondered what consumers think when they are subjected to the same tag lines and incomplete sentences that seem to proliferate the inventory of our MLS.  The majority of Realtors® go with the usual *3BR/2.5BA TH * KIT w/SS appliances* LL walk-out RR*-blah blah blah. Interesting this information is already contained in the MLS in other fields.  It’s redundant to put it in the description field  Oh and if there are professional photos with the listing everyone can see the stainless steel appliances front and center.

I think there can be more to an MLS description than clumsy clichés and “just-the-facts-ma’am.”  My own preference is to express, as best I can, the features of the home as benefits and maybe a story about the  home. It’s actually fun to try to come up with an MLS description that’s a bit outside the norm.

Here are a couple from my recent Belmont Bay condo listings:

“The rays of the morning sun across the Occoquan River will wake you from your winter hibernation in this beautiful waterfront property. Put your feet up on the balcony railing to watch the boats go by. Prep your appetizers in the kitchen & entertain by the fireplace.. Watch out your guests don’t unpack their bags for a permanent stay in their private suite. Live well you earned it”

“While others shovel snow you’ll be kicking back with your favorite book from the shelves of the custom library. Enjoy the light from the wrap around windows in the living room. Chefs & even those who burn dinner will love the big kitchen w/custom island. You’ll let out a cheer when you see the master bedroom with closet big enough to hold 4 seasons worth of clothes.  Kick back in 2015”

Will an unusual description sell your home?    The truth is, there is nothing I can do to help a buyer love an overpriced house or one in poor condition.  Home buyers purchase the house that best fits their lifestyle needs and their finances.  When they’re home, they know it. However my hope is it a bit more catchy MLS description and great listing photos will at lease spark interest so they’ll take a little extra time looking at the photos and putting it on their favorites list.

If you are thinking of selling your home in Northern Virginia this spring give me a call at 703-346-2213.  Let’s check out the value of your home and how our marketing can get your home noticed and sold.




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