Sure Go Ahead And Take The Kitchen When You Move

We're Taking the Kitchen With UsThis article was originally published on the Active Rain Real Estate Network and was recently picked up by the LA Times Real Estate Section

The MLS is often full of surprises and you never know what you might find.

It’s unusual to see a comment in the MLS that says a favorite light fixture does not convey. I advise my clients prior to listing if a light isn’t going to stay to take it down, pack it away and replace with something appropriate. It saves time and possibly a misunderstanding later on.

Then the remarks went on to say the owners planned on removing some of the exterior landscaping. Though there are no hard and fast rules regarding removing shrubbery, it is a bit unusual to see an owner say they are going to take a few trees with them when they go. The remarks didn’t say whether they were small trees that could be easily dug up or whether they were large trees they planned to turn into firewood. Okay now this is starting to get interesting.

The comment that really caught my attention was a biggie. It said the owners would be taking the kitchen with them. That’s right the kitchen. It didn’t say kitchen appliances it said the kitchen! Now this is a problem. Is the kitchen going to be removed prior to the buyer’s appraiser coming in to value the property? If so what are they going to say when they discover an empty room? If not then how do you explain to the underwriter that the kitchen doesn’t come with the house and expect them to give you a loan for the value with a kitchen?

It’s amazing what you can find in the MLS that leaves you scratching your head and wondering what were they thinking.


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