Watch Out for “R” Rated Real Estate Showings

"R" Rated Real Estate ShowingsThere are times when what we do every day as part of our jobs can take a strange twist.   Many times the homes are listed as vacant go and show.  We can make a courtesy call or schedule on-line to show without disturbing an owner.

On this day nothing seemed amiss when we pull up to the property.  No cars or anything that would indicate that someone was around.  The lockbox was on the door and the key was securely inside.  Figuring the coast was clear, especially since the MLS listing said VACANT we opened the door.

Now the layout of this home was a bit odd because as soon as we came through the foyer we could hear water running and straight ahead was a bathroom.  The door was open and EKKKK there was a naked guy in the shower!  There wasn’t a shower curtain so he was in plain view.  We shrieked, he shrieked, think Drew Barrymore encountering ET and we headed for the door.

Being the good agent that I am I stopped to lock the door and put the key back in the lockbox.  As we got into our car he comes running out the front door, thankful with a towel around his waist trying to get us to stop.  We hop in the car and lock the doors as he is trying to explain to us why he was there.  I didn’t really care at that point and just put the car in reverse and haul out of there.  As we are driving away I’m on the phone to the listing agent to let them know about naked guy.

The next day a rather contrite and apologetic call arrives from the owner of the property.  He had hired someone to do some repair work in the property and they had apparently decided to clean up after they were done.  After it was all over and we realized that there wasn’t a pervert just randomly using showers in the neighborhood we were able to have a great laugh over the entire incident.

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