Are Bad Photos Keeping Buyers Away From Your Door?

CameraPhoto Cindy JonesYou are getting ready to list your home for sale and interviewing Realtors® to help you with one of the biggest single financial transactions you will make.   One of the questions that seems to be overlooked in most interviews is “show me how your listings look on-line.”   Does it make a difference?

The simple answer is yes.  With over 90% of homebuyers starting their search on-line how your home looks on-line is important.  It won’t make up for a home that is over-priced or outdated but it will at least give you a leg up on the homes where the photos are so dark you have no idea what room you are in or the photos of the open toilets.

In the 2014 Profile of Buyers & Sellers conducted by the National Association of Realtors® 83% of buyers said they photos of homes they were important in their decision to view the home in person.

Recently an offer on one of my listings had this message attached:

“Please tell the seller’s agent that we think she did a superb job of presenting this truly special property. The virtual tour on the web is superb, and the listing brochure is equally well done. Likewise, the unit was spic and span clean and well staged without clutter.”

If there ever was a question in my mind if my investment in professional photography was paying off there are no doubts now.  If you are thinking about selling your Northern Virginia home in 2015 make sure you ask the Realtors® you are interview whether they invest in professional photography  to make your home get noticed on-line.

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