Can You Tell Me Where Northern Virginia Is?

It seemed like a crazy question and then I laughed.  The buyer was headed to Fort Belvoir from Arizona they had checked and they couldn’t find Northern Virginia anywhere on the map.  It just wasn’t there.

Oh well actually there isn’t a Northern Virginia like there is a North or South Carolina it is just a local term.

Why do you make the distinction?

Ahhhh we just do.  It is more about a difference in economics and politics than anything.

So where are the boundaries?

Hmmm, good question.  Before housing developments pushed west to the Shenandoah Valley and south through Fredericksburg we would have said it was a much smaller area.  Now with the expanded highways, the commuter options and employment centers are further and further outside of the beltway extending the area we consider Northern Virginia.

Okay well it seems to be clear as mud and I’m looking forward to the move.  I think I’ll just tell everyone I’m moving to the State of Virginia.

Ummm,  just one more little point.

What is it?

Virginia isn’t actually a state.  It is a Commonwealth.

Oh come on you have got to be kidding me?

No honestly it is.

Can you vote?

Oh absolutely and Northern Virginian’s go to the polls in record numbers.

Alright I’ll bite what about Southern Virginian’s?

Oh there aren’t any Southern Virginian’s just Virginian’s.

Can I ask you one more question?

Sure what is it?

I’m flying into Washington Dulles Airport.  That is in the city isn’t it?

Sigh.  How much time do you have for this explanation?

If you are relocating to Northern Virginia rest assured you won’t find it on the map anywhere but it is a great place to live with wonderful neighborhoods, loads of commuting options and some slightly confused people trying to figure out where it really is.

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