Sellers The Buyer’s Have Spoken-Do You Hear Them?

The National Association of Realtors recently released their 2014 Profile of of Home Buyers and Sellers.  What is clear from the results of the survey is the continued use of the internet by buyers looking to purchase a new home.  The survey showed that 88% of home buyers started their new home search on the internet.  In fact buyers of all ages use the internet not just the millennial generation.


Another key finding in the study was the importance of photos to buyers.  Photos were considered very useful by 83% of buyers and only 2% said they did not use them.  Surprisingly video tours were only found to be useful by 40% of buyers.

What does this data mean if you are getting ready to listing your Northern Virginia home for sale?  If buyers are starting their search on-line AND photos are important then as a seller you must make sure your Realtor® is ready to make your house shine for a 24 x 7 Open House.  Buyer’s are savvy and getting them to your front door takes more than sticking a sign in the yard and hoping they drive by.

If you are ready to see your Northern Virginia home shine on the internet give me a call at 703-346-2213.  Let’s get your home at the top of the home buyers list of must see home.



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