Should You Go Fizzbo To Sell Your Northern Virginia Home?

For sale by ownerOkay you’re thinking I’m a little nuts. That’s okay I accept it. Yes it should say FSBO (For sale by Owner) but when you say it outloud it sounds like Fizzbo.

Anyway the question is should you sell your Northern Virginia home on your own without the help of a local Realtor®? I love the answer, it depends. I’m not anti-fsbo but just like a Realtor® has to know the limitations of their expertise, so should a homeowner who wants to sell on their own.

We can talk about marketing but more importantly let’s talk about the meat of what happens when you get an offer. Do you understand the real estate sales contract in Virginia? Our current contract stacks in around 22 pages without all of the addenda that goes along with it. Do you know what disclosures are required by law and how they can impact your sale? Do you know how to deal with the home inspection and repair addendum? Do you know about buyer financing and appraisals?

You can hire an attorney who can help with the  legal aspects of the contract.   They aren’t there to help you with the home inspection. They aren’t there to meet an appraiser. They aren’t there to make sure the  buyer’s financing doesn’t fall apart at the last-minute.

You could get lucky and have a buyer who walks into your home blindly and say’s “I’ll take it” and here’s a check but how likely is that to happen? Most buyers are represented by a Realtor®.  If you aren’t who is watching out for you?

Oh and a funny thing just happened. Actually it’s happened twice now. The owner of hired a Realtor® to sell their house and the owner of hired a Realtor® to sell his NY condo.

If you think it might be worth talking to a Northern Virginia Realtor® about selling your home give me a call at 703-346-2213.  Let’s talk about the good, bad and the ugly of going it on your own.

One thought on “Should You Go Fizzbo To Sell Your Northern Virginia Home?

  1. Nice read Cindy! I would agree that selling For Sale by Owner is not for everyone. At the same time, many people can find success based on previous experience with selling, research, etc…

    One of the biggest mistakes I see For Sale by Owner sellers make is not offering a commission to a buyer’s agent. No matter how qualified the seller may be, the latest stats say about 80% of buyers are working with a buyer’s agent… It’s tough to find the best offer when you eliminate 4 of 5 buyers from the start!

    Cheers, Dan Demers
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