Knee Jerk Reactions Can Cost You A Home Sale

Unless you are an investor selling a Northern Virginia home is an emotional process.   You have built memories, you have invested in your home and it is your home.  So when an offer arrives on your home that isn’t what you expected, a knee jerk reaction could end up costing you a sale.

I’m not talking about a low-ball offer (if your home is priced right) but one where a little negotiation might get your home sold.   As soon as you put your home on the market you have to take the emotions out of the process and put on your business hat.

Recently my clients had a ratified contract on a property in Springfield.  During the home inspection a number of issues were uncovered and the buyer asked for a few, not all to be repaired.  The response was simply I’m not fixing anything, take it as it is or cancel your contract.

After talking it over the buyer decided to accept their offer and cancel the contract.  All of the appropriate forms were signed and the buyer started looking again.  A few days later the phone rings.  The seller had a change of heart and would agree to do a small part of what was requested.  The buyer said no.  The seller upped their offer of repairs.  The buyer still said no.  They had detached from the home and moved on.

The owner’s knee jerk reaction cost them the sale of their home.   Now after 4 months on the market and with $25,000 in price reductions a few home inspection repairs probably look like a bargain.

If you are selling your home in Northern Virginia give me a call at 703-346-2213.   We’ll help you make the smart decision when it comes to selling your home and keep the knee jerk reactions from tanking your home sale.


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