Remember The Saying “Leaves Of Three Let It Be?”

Poison IvyDid you ever hear the phrase “leaves of three let it be”? For me I knew it meant a bad case of itching and plenty of calamine lotion was in my future. Recently I’ve found myself saying it when touring homes “staged” by someone without any sense of style.

Realtors® please spend a little time looking through Houzz or Pintrest for inspiration before you undertake a do it yourself staging job. Sticking three random items in the corner of a room doesn’t qualify as staging. Recently a buyer asked me if the items in the corner might be covering up a stain in the carpet. Of course we had to move them to take a look. The good news is they weren’t, the bad news was the buyer spent more time wondering why the items were in the corner than looking at room.

If the staging looks like you got it out of your crazy aunts attic, buyer’s think the house should be priced accordingly. It’s better to leave a house empty than just throw a few things in the corner and say yep that’s good. Staging should highlight a home, not show off poor decorating ideas.

We keep a photo portfolio for simple staging ideas for vacant kitchens and bathrooms. Better yet we can recommend a professional stager to come to provide a consultation or help staging an empty property. The goal is to get your home sold, not distract a buyer from taking a look at all of the other great features your home offers.

If you are thinking of selling your Northern Virginia home give our team a call at 703-346-2213. Ask about how we can help make your home the one buyers want to call their next home.

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