Is Your Home Ready For A 24 x 7 Open House?

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Wait did you think when you put your Northern Virginia home on the market that the open house was on Sunday from 1-4PM?

No your house is going to be open for buyers to see every day it is active in the Northern Virginia MLS.  Had you thought about what that means when you get ready to list your home?  The first impression is no longer when a buyer walks in the front door but it’s when they pull up your listing on the internet.  It doesn’t matter which website they choose, they will all have the same photos and video tour.

It’s amazing to look through the MLS and find homes listed with no photos, one or two photos, photos shot with a fish-eye lens or so poorly lit so you have no idea what it is.  Then there are the photos of sinks full of dishes or clothes piled on the bedroom floor.  Is this anyway to market a home?

As a seller one of the questions you need to ask the agent you are considering hiring is, how is your home going to look for the 24 x 7 buyer?  Ask to see their current or recent MLS listings on line.  How do they look?  Do they hire a professional photographer or have photos taken with at least more than a mobile phone?  Do they have a stager available for consultation if needed.

Remember your home may be your largest single financial investment and it deserves to be treated that way.  Your home deserves the best marketing possible for today’s 24 x 7 real estate consumer.  If you are looking for a team that understands the importance of good marketing give us a call at 703-346-2213.

2 thoughts on “Is Your Home Ready For A 24 x 7 Open House?

  1. Great article Cindy. We (Realtors) have changed the Real Estate business and need to understand how marketing has changed. It used to be that a buyer asked to see a house that met their location, size and price range. When they entered the house they used multiple senses to experience the showing. They would usually find an emotional attachment to the one they wanted to make an offer on. We have reduced that to 1 sense…. sight on the internet. Buyers now edit and eliminate based on what they see. We no longer have Buyers “experiencing” the house first hand before eliminating. Therefore pictures and condition are key to getting showings and offers …. In Phoenix we are seeing a slow down on the number of physical showings unless the pictures are outstanding. We can also track how many Buyers look at the listing on the internet and pass on seeing in person.

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