Never A Dull Moment In NoVA Real Estate

That may not be entirely true.  The days we spend sending paperwork back and forth to agents, lenders, title companies and clients aren’t exactly a thrill.  However there are days when you are out showing houses where you need to be prepared for just about anything.

Unshoveled Open HouseYesterday it was an open house where nothing had been shoveled.  Not the best planning and huge liability for the homeowner is someone fell.

Mouse But hey it was better than the next house.  The snow was melted and I guess a visitor decided that meant come on in.  Unfortunately for him the way out wasn’t quite as obvious and he had gone to the land of endless cheese.

The day of a Northern Virginia real estate agent can bring lots of surprises.  Did I tell you about the guy taking a shower in a vacant house?  Maybe next time.



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