So You Want To Pass On The Home Inspection?

Bad JoistThe house had everything we wanted. Beautiful hardwood floors, remodeled bathrooms, cathedral ceilings and lots of outdoor space. We started planning the garden and where we would store they kayak.

Even though everything looked perfect as a Realtor® I always recommend buyers have a home inspection. Fortunately I took my own advise. What happened next was heartbreaking. The home was found to have structural damage needing significant repairs. After talking it over we decided this was going to be the house and canceled the contract.

Many times my clients will ask me why I think a home inspection is critical. This is the reason why. Though a home may look perfect sometimes there are issues that go beyond just a leaky faucet or loose railing. Some issues are easily fixed and when the fix is completed you know the home will be what you want. Other issues run deeper and you have to think about the long-term. In this case even though the foundation issues were going to be repaired there were other problems with the house as a result of the foundation problem that weren’t going to be fixed.

If you are thinking of getting caught up in the heat of the moment when making an offer on a house don’t throw away your right to a home inspection. Even if a home is being sold “as is” you can inspect the property. It’s not an absolute that you must buy it if issues like we found are evident. Take a lesson learned from this Realtor®. Sometimes you just have to walk away even if it might have been your dream home.

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