Forget About Square Feet Think Room Sizes

At least a couple of times a week someone asks why does Zillow or Trulia shows their Northern Virginia home as only 1500 square feet (SF) when it’s really 2500 SF.

The answer is fairly straightforward.  These sites ( and many others) pull information for the county tax records.  In most cases our tax records display a field labeled “tax living area”  which is where the square footage (SF) of your home comes from.  The problem is in most Northern Virginia real estate assessment databases “tax living area”  only represents the above ground levels of your home and not finished basement space

Room Sizes Are More Important Than SFBut let me tell you what’s more important to a buyer than the overall SF of your home.  It’s room sizes.  A buyer may not have any idea whether they need a home that’s 1500 SF or 5000 SF but they can picture whether their king size bed will fit in a 15 x 17 master bedroom or whether a 12 x 12 den is enough space for their home office.

Don’t sweat trying to get the overall SF in your home right ( an appraiser will do that)  but do make sure if you are listing your home for sale that you include the measurements of the major rooms in the house.

If you are thinking of selling your home and aren’t represented by a Realtor® give us a call to discuss your plans and how our team can help you put a SOLD sign in the yard.


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