Twinkies Are Coming Back And So Is The NoVA Real Estate Market

Twinkes Are Coming BackFor anyone who has been worried what they would do without their beloved Twinkies the news is out that they should be rolling off the production line this summer.

Just as Twinkies are coming back so is the Northern Virginia real estate market. It seems only a few months ago when we wondered when the real estate recovery would take off. The answer is now obvious. The recovery is here and some of the same concerns we had in 2003-2005 are back as well.

With inventory at lower levels than in the past and buyers hoping to take advantage of low-interest rates multiple offers are back. Check out the inventory decline in Northern Virginia over the last year.

This has caused the same frenzy that happened when Hostess announced Twinkies would be gone forever.  Buyers lining up at stores hoping to grab a box or two before they were gone.    Head out to look at a homes in many Northern Virginia neighborhoods and you will find agents lined up to show the property.  It isn’t unusual to hear about multiple offers on a property listed at the right price, right location and right price.

If you happened to stockpile a few Twinkies you might want to eat one before you head out house hunting.  You will need a little extra energy to get through the current Northern Virginia real estate market.

If you aren’t working with an buyer’s agent give Cindy Jones and CJ Realty Group a call at 703-249-9763  to talk about your home buying plans.  Let’s see if we can help you into your new home by the time the Twinkies start rolling over the production line.

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