The Perfect Storm In NoVA is Brewing Again

storm Does this sound familiar?

Lots of buyers. Low inventory. Multiple Offers. Bidding Wars.

This is positive news for sellers. Competition with other properties is lower. Buyers are out making offers.  Price it right and they will likely come.  Price it to high and the appraisers will knock you back to reality as they aren’t letting the storm waves suck us under.

For sellers who have been waiting to move up or move on it’s time to put your house on the market. If you are moving up, lower interest rates mean you can get more for your money in a new home.  If you are moving on (retiring or leaving the area) you have recovered some of your equity from the low market in 2008-2009.

This perfect storm should have a much better ending than either the Northern Virginia market crash or the movie by the same name.

If you are ready to move up or move on give us a call. We’re ready to help you get the best out of the new Northern Virginia real estate storm.

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