Bad MLS Photos Will Keep Buyer’s Away From Your Home

The facts are very clear.  Most Northern Virginia buyer’s today start their search for a new home on line.  The number continues to rise but the latest statistics show 90% of buyers will spend a few months looking on-line before they call a Realtor® to help them start the serious process of home buying.

What does this mean if you are going to sell your Northern Virginia home?  It means you need to pay attention to how it looks on line.  There are a number of real estate related blogs dedicated to showing Bad MLS photos and the last place you want your home to appear is on one of them.

If you are interviewing agents to list your Northern Virginia home ask to see an example of their photos.  Do they hire a professional photographer or do they rely on their phone or point and shoot camera.   If they shoot their own photos do they have a wide angle lens to capture a full room in one photo and can they use basic photo editing tools to lighten rooms if the natural light is to dim.

CJ Realty Group Listing Photo

Making sure your home makes a good first impression is key to enticing buyers off the couch and to your front door.  If you are thinking of selling your Northern Virginia home this spring give us a call to talk about how we can help you make the right first impression.



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