Three Factors To Consider When Listing your NoVA Home

Step one – Determine a reasonable selling price

The first step is to get a CMA for your Northern Virginia neighborhood.  An excellent agent will research the recent sales of comparable houses in your neighborhood to provide you with a market analysis (CMA) and also provide you with an impartial assessment of your property and how it compares to successfully sold properties similar to yours. Your Realtor should also help you understand what happened when houses that were listed didn’t sell, and why. You can often learn as much from a history of the houses that didn’t sell as from those that did.

Step Two – Objectively evaluate the condition of your home and make necessary changes

Take stock of the condition of your house, both its interior and exterior.  In today’s on-line real estate market the first impression of your home is in the photos on-line.  If they are dark, blurry or taken with a camera phone they aren’t going to entice buyers to your front door.   Once a Northern Virginia buyer shows up at your door you need to make sure they will stay.  Fix what is broken and make sure your home is ready to show.   Your Realtor® should be honest with you and tell you what needs to be improved and if you aren’t in position to implement reasonable changes then be prepared to adjust your list price accordingly.

Step Three – Understand the marketing plan

When you interview Realtors® to make a selection of someone to represent your property, be sure that you get a marketing plan that is specific to the needs of your specific home and neighborhood. Expect that the plan will have a time line that commits not only to what will be done, but also to when it will be done. Hold your Realtor accountable; get a commitment for periodic status reports or reviews of what is working in getting potential buyers through your house and what isn’t. Above all, stay flexible on price and terms. In this transition market, the competition takes new forms all the time. You and your Realtor will have to be nimble to keep up with competition.

Remember you and your Realtor work as a team to sell your home.  You each have responsibilities in the process to make sure buyers want to turn off their computers and walk in the front door.  If you are considering selling your Northern Virginia  home in 2013 give Cindy Jones and CJ Realty Group a call at 703-346-2213 to talk about getting your home ready to sell in 2013.


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