Parking Tickets And Northern Virginia Home Buying

DC is notorious for parking tickets. It was reported a year ago a number of the embassies had parking tickets totaling in the 6 figures. Hopefully if you have unpaid DC parking tickets they don’t run that high. But you need to pay them and here’s why.

DC reports unpaid parking tickets to the credit bureaus. As a result those unpaid tickets in the glove compartment in your car could keep you from buying or even hinder renting a home in Northern Virginia.

Sounds strange but recently I’ve had clients who received a surprise when their credit was pulled.  The tickets knocked their credit scores down to a point where they need 30-60 days for the tickets to be paid and their credit scores to be readjusted to qualify to make a move.

If you are thinking about buying a new in Northern Virginia home in 2013 now might be a good time to pull a copy of your credit report and see if there are any surprises.  When you are ready to buy give me a call.  Let’s see if we can find you a home with plenty of parking and public transportation to DC, so you don’t have to worry about pesky parking tickets.

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