Something You Can Assume In The NoVA Housing Market

We often see the word assume used in a negative connotation.  However there is one great use of the word assume in the Northern Virginia housing market.  What is it you ask?

It’s a VA loan.  In the last week I’ve had three buyers close on new home purchases with VA loans.  Those loans all have mortgage interest rates of 3.5% or less.  A great deal in today’s market.  What makes them even more attractive is when these homeowners look to sell their home the loan can be assumed by a new buyer.

Putting this in an old timers perspective.  When I purchased my first home with VA benefits I assumed the homeowners 9% VA loan.  Standard interest rates at the time were 17%.   I saved a bundle on my monthly payment over getting a new loan.  There is little doubt that mortgage interest rates will rise again in the next 3-5 years.  It is far to early to know what the rates might be but an assumable VA loan with a low interest rate will be attractive to a buyer.

If you are eligible for a VA loan and are shying away from using your benefit you may want to think about the benefit of having a loan a future buyer may be able to assume in the future.  The new borrower will have to qualify for the loan and need approval from the lender.  It’s a step well worth taking as it releases you, the veteran from the liability of the loan and frees up your VA loan eligibility for a future purchase.



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