Does My NoVA Home Need To Be Builder Beige To Sell?

I admit I get a chuckle out of the term builder “beige.”   The one thing you notice when you go into most model homes is the lack of beige.  Most buyers are drawn to the colorful rooms and furnishings.   Builders don’t shy away from color to sell their homes and neither should you.   Within reason of course.

Model homes are often a good source of ideas to help stage your home for maximum appeal for today’s Northern Virginia home buyer.  If you need to paint a room a splash of color won’t hurt as long as it falls in the neutral color palette.   Now isn’t the time to paint the dining room red or the bedroom purple.  But you can add a splash of lime green to a kitchen, khaki to a bedroom or a blue/grey to a den.   White trim always makes the color of a room pop and a freshly painted ceiling will be noticed.

Don’t want to paint?  Then add a splash of color with pillows (not to many) and decorative items.  For very little money you can pick up items at the local HomeGoods, Target or Pier One.  You can also opt to have your home professionally staged for to completely kick it up a notch.

If you are thinking about selling your Northern Virginia your Realtor® can help you make the right choices to make your home inviting for a new buyer. Give me a call at 703-346-2213 to discuss how we can make your home shine for a new buyer.



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