DoD HAP Program Winds To An End

I’ve been fortunate to work with 40 service members in the Northern Virginia area over the last few years to sell their homes using the Department of Defense Homeowners Assistance Program.  In just five days the program, as it is currently set up, comes to an end.

According to a Branch Chief at the Savannah Regional office for HAP  all homes must be under contract or sold by September 30, 2012 to qualify for benefits.  Through the years I’ve been working with the Realty Specialists in Savannah I’ve come to expect rule changes from time to time and those rule changes aren’t always widely publicized.  This is one where there was some question as to when a home had to be sold versus when an application for a qualified service member needed to be filed.

Obviously I’ll have my eyes and ears open for the next change and to see whether there will be any options other than a VA Compromise Sale or Short Sale for Northern Virginia service members who still need to sell their home.  If you do please give me a call or drop me an email.  Having worked with HAP sales,  military short sales and VA Compromise sales during our turbulent market I’m standing by to help you make the right choice regarding your Northern Virginia home.


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