What’s Topped The Market in PWC So Far In 2012?

Unlike other areas of Northern Virginia where if you look at the Top 10 homes sales (by price) prices in Prince William County VA seem  comparatively cheap.   It’s also interesting to see the top sales so far in 2012 are grouped in the eastern part of Prince William County and in Woodbridge specifically.

Seems hard to believe when many have the impression of Woodbridge as a the low end of the area market.

The biggest cluster of high end homes is in the Beaver Creek, River Falls and Coventry Glen neighborhoods.  This is an interesting change from previous years when the more expensive home sales were in the western part of the county in the Haymarket area.  The price range on the top 10 sales ranged between $586,000 to $815,000.  Nothing over $1 Million so far in 2012.

There is some higher price inventory lurking to be sold so expect these numbers will change as we move through the summer.  For now though it’s a little interesting tidbit for the Woodbridge VA real estate market.

Click below to see the current most expensive listings in PWC.

Top 10 most expensive active listings in Prince William County

For more information on any listings in Prince William County including the neighborhoods of River Falls, Beaver Creek and Coventry give CJ Realty Group a call at 703-346-2213.

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