A Fun Look Back At Springfield VA

The good thing about parents who didn’t throw anything away is uncovering the original developer brochure from our home in the Yates Village neighborhood.  It’s a good chuckle to read.

Springfield The Community Designed for Progress

“To reach Yates Village drive out the modern dual lane Shirley Highway”
“Just 15 minutes to Washington DC”
“There’s everything in Springfield-even a community newspaper”
“One new school is built”

Our home featured:
“Westinghouse 9 Ft refrigerator with freezer unit”
“Forced Air heating, adaptable to air conditioning”
“Armored cable electric wiring”

I’ll admit our house was solid and even though my mom thought about moving to a bigger house we never did.  The home stayed in the family for 45 years.  The phrase they don’t build them like they used to applied to our house.  Real brick, plaster walls and fir beams.  You don’t find those in many new homes now.

To get to Springfield today during rush hour you are looking at a 45-60 minute drive including a loop or two around the infamous Springfield “mixing bowl.”  Fortunately there are multiple commuting options in Springfield to keep you off the road.   Most people looking for community news will be looking on-line at one of the local Patch newsletters and there are multiple Fairfax County Schools for families with children to choose from.

Springfield remains a popular choice for military families with orders to Fort Belvoir and the Pentagon.   The new National Geospatial Intellegence Agency (NGA) is located in Springfield as well as SAIC and other major government contractors.

If you are thinking about calling Springfield VA home here are a few choices for you.  You won’t get the brand new Westinghouse 9 foot refrigerator but I’m sure we can find one with air conditioning standard.

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