A Quick Way To Turn Off NoVa Buyers

If you are thinking it’s the weeds in your yard  or perhaps Cujo waiting at the front door that’s not what I’m talking about.   What might be keeping a buyer from walking in your door?

It’s what your agent says in the MLS remarks.  In this case it was a home where the description said owners were not willing to negotiate on price or provide any closing cost assistance to the buyers.  Instead of drawing buyers in to look at your home, you’ve put a virtual deadbolt on the door and said don’t bother to look if you aren’t willing to pay our price.

There aren’t any sellers I know who are happy to get a “low ball” offer on their home.  However any offer is an opportunity to negotiate.  If you want to stay firm on your price (if the price is supported by comps) then stay firm but don’t say upfront you won’t consider an offer that’s less.

The home my buyers saw in the MLS has been on the market for over a year.  The photos look nice yet it’s apparent something isn’t clicking with buyers.  Perhaps it’s other agents like myself who see the MLS remarks and decide their are other homes where a buyer’s offer will be welcomed with open arms.

Something to consider.

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