Own Your Own Island In Woodbridge VA

Today while looking for options for waterfront homes or land for a client, one listing caught my attention. An island for sale in the Woodbridge VA area. When most of us think of an island for sale our thoughts immediately go to sandy beaches, blue skies and clear water or at least mine does. In this case the island for sale is a bit different.

The island for sale has a few different names. According to the tax records it’s called Holiday or Dogue Island. Since the Occoquan River area where the island is located was originally inhabited by the Dogue Indians it would make sense that the island would have the same name. Unfortunately the island is not inhabitable to build a full time residence. It is used as a duck blind for the owner and can only be reached by boat.

It can be seen from the homes in the Featherstone area of Woodbridge and we snapped a picture while looking at another home for sale in the area.

If you are interested in owning an island in Woodbridge Va you can check out Dogue Island.

If you are looking for something a bit more traditional you can check out
Waterfront Property for Sale in Woodbridge VA

2 thoughts on “Own Your Own Island In Woodbridge VA

  1. This is a really interesting little piece of history! When you said island for sale I thought for sure there would be a stretch of beach and perhaps room for a tiki hut.

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