Should I Wait Till Spring to List my NoVa Home?

It’s winter, it’s cold and the thought of putting your home on the market when it gets dark before 5 PM seems daunting.  It’s a conversation that is repeated many times during the winter months with prospective home sellers in Northern Virginia.  Let’s just wait until the spring when there are more buyers looking for homes.  Okay but you also need to know there are more sellers thinking the same thing.

Take a look at how your competition changes as the weather starts to warm up.


As you can see in most of the Northern Virginia the inventory climbs steadily during the spring months.  This means your home needs to stand out to be noticed.  This could mean a slightly lower price point, higher incentives to snag a buyer and certainly means your home needs to outshine your competition in terms of condition.

Winter buyers are serious buyers.  If you are thinking of delaying to put your Northern Virginia home on the market give me a call at 703-346-2213 to discuss your options.  Let’s beat the competition to the punch in 2015.

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