Ft Belvoir Families-VA Compromise Sale Update

If you are asking “What is a VA Compromise Sale” you can check out my previous post “Military Families Options if You Are Upside Down on Your Mortgage.”  In brief it’s a short sale for VA loans.

Now the Veteran’s Administration (VA) has added a $1500 Relocation Bonus for VA Compromise Sales at closing.  The funds must be shown on the HUD-1 provided at closing.

This announcement comes on the heels of the Treasury Department saying some military families may be eligible for HAFA approved short sales without showing a drop in income.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have also changed their guidelines to include PCS orders as a qualifying hardship making a short sales easier for military families.

With the DoD HAP Benefits running low more service members may be looking at a short sale or VA Compromise sale as an option. It’s never an easy decision to undertake a sale of a home when you are upside down on the mortgage but not everyone wants to become a landlord or face a separation from your family. However you do have options.

If you are a Ft Belvoir, Pentagon or Quantico service member with a VA loan and need assistance selling your home give an agent experienced with VA Compromise sales a call.

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