Former Missile Silo and Home For Sale

Couldn’t help but be intrigued by this listing in the Adirondack’s in NY.  How often do you find a home sitting on top of a luxury declassified nuclear missile silo?  Not often I suspect.

The home offers 2000 SF of conventional living space and then with the touch of a keypad you can open the doors and enter the former launch control center.  Now instead of launch controls you will find a pair of private suites that provide an additional 2000 SF of living space.

According to the listing brokers, Select Sotheby’s International Realty (for photos and listing information) the underground living space includes a contemporary kitchen, dining room, entertainment room and marble-lined bathrooms.  The underground space features 10 foot ceilings and simulated daylight to keep anyone living there from realizing they are underground.

Oh and there is another 9 story underground structure, the missile silo itself that could still be developed.  An entire underground condo complex perhaps?  This property takes the idea of adaptive reuse to a whole new level.



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