Considering New Construction-A Home Inspectors View

Thinking if you buy a new home you will avoid all the headaches of a re-sale property? It is a new home, right? What could possibly be wrong.

You might look at this photo and say, “what’s the problem?”  Fortunately a home inspector can tell you exactly what the problems are.  Jay Markanich, owner of Jay Markanich Home Inspections on a recent new construction home inspection pointed out a number of issues with this home.

By the way Jay uses the word “appurtenances” to describe the furnace vent, hose bib and vent covers shown in the photo.


Here are a few of Jay’s observations:

1) “If these folks want to put a deck on the back of the house, the ledger beam (the main support for the deck, a 2×12 that bolts to the house onto which the deck joists are attached) is interfered with by four appurtenances.”

2) “the ONLY basement window is under the door.  So, if, instead of a deck, these folks wanted to put in a patio and not deal with all those appurtenances, how can stairs be placed to not interfere with that window?”

You can read the rest of what Jay found would be a problem with the furnace vent, hose bib and vent covers on his blog post “7 Things I Don’t Understand”

This is also the reason in my guide to Buying New Home Construction I’ve recommended independent inspections for all of my buyers and anyone who is considering building a new home.

Before you head to a new home site download my guide and if you decide to head out on your own without an agent, at least make sure you call Jay Markanich to schedule your new home inspection.

2 thoughts on “Considering New Construction-A Home Inspectors View

  1. There can be nothing to compare the foresight and knowledge of an experienced real estate inspector. Most new home buyers would never even consider the drawbacks until it came time to remodel or expand.

    It’s a good post and a really great topic!

  2. A buyer needs to realize that the builder may push back on an independent inspection but it is YOUR new home. An experienced Realtor® will help you through the builder objections and make sure you are protected.

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