New Ft. Belvoir Wounded Warrior Homes

This past week two prototype homes for injured US soldiers. were unveiled at Fort Belvoir. The two homes called the Freedom and the Patriot Homes are the first houses developed as part of a collaborative project between the Wounded Warrior Home Project, the Department of Defense and Clark Realty Capitol. The mission of the project is to develop barrier free housing for wounded soldiers and set new standards in accessible design that can be used anywhere.

Architect Michael Graves & Associates led a team that for over a year studied all of the principals of universal design and also looked at how to create homes that would fit the needs of a wounded soldiers family as well. Some of the features of the new homes include sliding interior doors, wider hallways, low windows, no thresholds and solid surface flooring. The spaces have been designed for flexibility and also include interior video monitoring systems.

It is estimated that over half of the US soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan will be able to continue on active duty. Having homes close to their offices, the Fort Belvoir Community Hospital and other installation services are an important part of still being of their recovery.

The Freedom Home (red house) is already occupied and the Patriot Home will be occupied in the near future. The two new homes are a prototype for 19 additional homes that will be built in the various housing villages on Fort Belvoir.

2 thoughts on “New Ft. Belvoir Wounded Warrior Homes

  1. What a neat idea Cindy. One of the areas we work is close to a military base and I’ve never heard of a program like that. Hummmm maybe I should check it out a little closer.

  2. Jody-great idea to check out what may be happening in either VA facilities or at local military installations. This program is great news for our local wounded warriors.

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