How much is that Realtor® in the Mirror?

Kudos for this post goes to a fellow Realtor® in Scottsdale Arizona, Paul Slaybaugh.  He beat me to the punch on his tongue and cheek post “Realtors Stop Photographing Themselves in Bathroom Mirrors”.   A few months ago I had written a post “MLS Photos-What’s Up With the Toilet Photos” about agents who seem to think that buyers need to know that a bathroom has a toliet.  If it didn’t I’d be worried and yes I have come across a few foreclosures where they have been removed, so it might not seem as strange as you think.

Bathrooms are hard to photograph.  Generally they are small but I learned a trick from a professional photographer years ago.  Kneel down to take a photo of the vanity.  That way you don’t catch your own picture in the mirror AND you don’t get the annoying white dot in the middle of the photo from the flash bouncing off the mirror.

If you are a For Sale by Owner (FSBO) you may also want to remember if you are going to take photos that include you in them, don’t do as this person did  “Topless Woman Adds To Listing Photo”  PLEASE OPEN WITH CAUTION YES THERE IS A TOPLESS PERSON IN THE PHOTO.

When you interview agents to list your home ask them whether they own a camera with a wide angle lens and understand basic photo editing software.  If not then ask them if they know a professional photographer who will be taking photos of your home.

Bathroom Photo from my SOLD listing in Heron Bend in Manassas VA.







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