No Photo Per Seller-No Way!

In Northern Virginia our MLS system requires an agent upload at least an exterior photo of the property within 48 hours (excluding weekends & holidays). Seems simple enough especially with either a digital camera or camera phone. Yet there is also an option for sellers NOT to have an exterior photo of their home shown.

There have been thousands of articles written on the value of photos in helping entice buyers to your home. Making sure your home has curb appeal with a well tended yard helps bring a buyer up the sidewalk to the front door. Once inside finding a home where at minimum the dirty dishes are out of the sink and everyday clutter out of sight is essential. So what does it say to a buyer when you don’t even want an exterior photo of your home on the Internet?

We all understand privacy concerns but withholding an exterior photo of your home from the MLS isn’t protecting your privacy. Your address is front and center for a buyer to see. With today’s Internet technology all a buyer or their agent needs to do is head to their favorite on-line mapping tool and enter your address. They can zoom to street level and in many major metropolitan areas they can see the front, side and rear of your home without leaving the comfort of their living room. All you have done by no allowing your agent to take exterior photos is raise the question “what is wrong with this house?”

As an agent explaining the value of both exterior and interior photos to your clients should be one of the first things you do during a listing appointment. There is plenty of data to support why photos are key in helping sell a home. No photo per seller is hurting your client and impacting your bottom line as well.

No photo per seller…no way.

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