Foreclosures? What Foreclosures?

Looking for a foreclosure in Prince William County? Where the heck are they?

If you are looking for a high end detached home the answer is Western Prince William County. Haymarket and Nokesville to be specific. If you are thinking of a smaller condo or townhouse then head to Eastern Prince William County in Woodbridge and Dumfries. Prince William County was one of the hardest hit areas when the Northern Virginia real estate market hit the skids in 2007. It has also seen some of the greatest price gains when the market turn around started.

Taking a look at last 3 years we can see the steady decline of REO properties in Prince William County, VA.

Currently REO properties are a small percentage of the total listings on the market in Prince William County.

At least once a week my team receives an email from someone still looking for the latest great deal on a bank owned property. Unfortunately with the low inventory of REO properties, the lenders aren’t jumping on just any offer that crosses their desk. There are some deals from individual lenders, such as Fannie Mae. The government giant is offering incentives to purchase a primary residence (up until October 2011) which includes up to 3.5% in closing cost assistance (with lender approval.)

Search Prince William County REO Properties

If you want to explore the available opportunities with REO properties in Prince William County give Cindy Jones and CJ Realty Group a call at 703-346-2213. Let’s see if we can help you find a new home while the mortgage interest rates and prices are still at historic lows.

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