Walk The Neighborhood Before You Buy

One of the things I’ve learned from selling a signification number of  new construction properties in Northern Virginia  is to advise my buyer’s to not only take a look at the furnished models and amenities but to talk to owners in the neighborhood to get their feedback on living in the community.   Is your favorite time to take a walk is at 6:30 PM then park in the neighborhood and take a walk. While you are strolling the streets strike up a conversation with current owners and find out what they like and don’t like about living there.   Find out how they felt about the construction process and what issues they have faced with their homes since settling in.

On one such trip recently my clients were surprised to hear some of the concerns expressed by the neighbors about construction issues.  It made  them realize that my suggestion regarding having an independent home inspector preforming pre-drywall and pre-settlement inspections a  good one.   It is amazing the number of items that an inspector will find, not all of them critical during these inspections, that you might not notice on your own.

Based on the concerns that some of the homeowners in the neighborhood my clients were considering, an independent home inspection might have saved them time and aggravation. The level of some of the problems made us wonder how they managed to get by the Prince William County inspectors.  One homeowner mentioned they had multiple cracked floor joists that had to be replaced and another had a jetted tub which did not have proper support under it.  If it had been filled with water the owner might have found themselves bathing in their basement.

If you are thinking about buying new construction in Clifton, Fairfax, Lorton or anywhere in Northern Virginia  don’t let the lessons that the homeowners in this development learned the hard way happened to you.  Give Cindy Jones and CJ Realty Group a call at 703-346-2213 to make sure you have your own representation before you head to the builders model.  Not only can we help you sort out all of the options the builder is offering, we can advise you about options the builder won’t tell you about to help you avoid some serious post closing headaches.

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