DoD HAP Funding-A $400 Million Shortfall

For those who read my blog you may get the sense that I’m focused exclusively on Department of Defense HAP sales. I admit over the last year I’ve been fortunate to help over 25 military families sell their homes using HAP benefits and I work hard to stay on top of changes and issues with the program. However I’ve also sold new construction, regular re-sales and short sales to and for other clients during the same time period.

It is important not only to me but to the clients I serve to keep track of what is going on in the Northern Virginia real estate market. You can’t be a Realtor® in our area and not keep abreast of what is happening with the DoD HAP program. We have large military and civilian population impacted by the housing market, many which have no choice but to pack their bags and go because the government tells them to.

This past week the $400 Million deficit the HAP program is facing caught the attention of Congress. All of the military newspapers picked up the story as well. When you have a Marine who loses eligibility for their HAP benefits because they were fighting in Afghanistan (not considered a PCS move) you begin to understand the issues facing military families.

I’ll continue to write posts about HAP and continue to provide my support for military families coming into and leaving Northern Virginia until the last dime of program funds are spent. It’s my hope the more Realtors® who are educated on the program means the more support we can provide to those who are on the front lines for us everyday.


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