Bigger Gets The Job Done-Fact or Fiction?

This post isn’t about bashing any brokerage it’s about how the world of real estate continues to evolve. Many of the big brand brokerages work hard through TV advertising, the Internet and print to convince consumers brand recognition will bring more buyers to your home.

Before the internet took over this claim had a good deal of merit. The brokerage with the listings was likely the company that would produce the buyer for the property as well. However when the internet and Internet Data Exchange (IDX) made every MLS listings available on, Trulia, Zillow, all brokers sites and individual agent websites, the idea that one brokerage had more leverage over another to produce a buyer went out the window.

Over the last few months I’ve been checking the Northern Virginia MLS to see if by virtue of size or advertising muscle do the bigger brokerages produce more buyers for their own listings. In 108 transactions in March only 12% of the homes were a single brokerage transaction and the size of the brokerage didn’t matter. They ranged from small independents to the big franchise companies.

As an interesting note out of the 8 dual agent transactions (one agent handling both the listing and sale) half of them had zero days on the market. This always makes me wonder if the seller might have been short changed by the home not getting a chance on the open market.

What does this mean if you are thinking of listing your Northern Virginia home? With 88% of homes sold (in this sampling) by cooperating brokers it means the agent you hire should have a record of working well with other agents in the area.  If an agent tells you in an interview, bigger is more likely to get your home sold ask them to show you the numbers.  How many single agency transactions their company has completed in your neighborhood in the last few months.   Will the numbers support their claim?

2 thoughts on “Bigger Gets The Job Done-Fact or Fiction?

  1. Cindy – Same thing in the mortgage world. Bigger doesn’t equate to better service, better rates or a better overall deal for the borrower. Just as you state in your blog, what does matter is local knowledge and expertise for the sitation at hand. The internet has done a lot of good things, but so far, it can’t match years of experience on getting things done. Great article.


  2. Jeff-thanks for your comment. I work with local lenders with my buyers and am always happy to see an offer on one of my listings from a local lender. It means they are close by for us to talk to if an issue arrives.

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