Truth in Real Estate Advertising

It was another interesting weekend showing houses in Northern Virginia. I’ll refrain from trying to figure out what the agent was thinking with a description that said “move-in ready” yet when we walked in the door the home reeked of cat pee. It almost knocked us over and the feces on the floor were a nice touch too. Needless to say the agent’s idea of “move-in ready” and my client’s (mine too) were quite different.

Sometimes a description and realty just don’t match.

For listing agents it’s a tough call to be honest about a property condition if it isn’t up to snuff. But in my opinion it doesn’t help to sugar coat a home that needs work. If the appliances or carpets need to be replaced say so. Price the house right for the condition and they buyers won’t be left shaking their heads and mumbling what were they thinking? If buyer’s are prepared when they walk into a home they likely will be more serious than ones who are lured in by misleading descriptions. Oh and remember decent photos would help too.

2 thoughts on “Truth in Real Estate Advertising

  1. I have been in many “not so ready” homes for sale, but this one wins the prize. Animal waste is the worst! I have a light that shows where it is. Some homes, you turn it on and the entire carpet turns blue. I won’t stage unless they get new carpets.

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  2. Monica-when you see & smell the evidence of multiple pets you can bet that most buyers are going to walk unless the home is priced for replacement of all of the flooring.

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