Prior Planning Required To Be A NOVA Renter

Last week in “Renting When You Come to Fort Belvoir” I mentioned the possibility of sticker shock for anyone relocating to the Northern Virginia area and considering a rental. With the popularity of rentals that are convenient to Fort Belvoir, NGA and with easy access to commuting to DC a nice home goes quickly. If you are coming to rent here are a few suggestions for you to be ahead of the curve.

Ask for the rental application upfront. Most NOVA rentals use a standard form that can be sent to you via email for you to complete before you even leave home. A complete application is a must.

Bring your proof of income and employment. Standard proof is an LES for active duty military, last two paystubs and or W-2 from the previous years employment for civilians. If you are coming to start a new job bring your accepted offer of employment showing salary and HR contact.

Have your checkbook for the application fee. The fee is generally $40-50 per adult applicant. Also have additional funds available for a check equal to one months rent to be able to submit with your application. If the funds are required to be certified be prepared for a quick run to the bank.

If you have had a recent credit issue have a written letter of explanation ready. Life happens and not everyone has a perfect credit score. Being upfront and honest about it goes a long way with a prospective landlord.

Beat out the competition in the tight Northern Virginia rental market by being prepared to submit an application on your #1 choice immediately.

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